An Objective Appraisal Measure Of Job Performance Essay

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In a statistical driven environment such as the case of a calling center, an objective appraisal measure of job performance is necessary to pin points and distinguish performs between the agents and their counterparts, the first point an analyst might need to impose is to be able to create evaluations or metrics which are relevant to job, measures which reflect back to the performance of the associate performance and related to what constitutes a successful execution of the job tasks. The calling center relies on three metrics which to measure performance with, first is average handle time (AHT), in which here this metric measure the amount of seconds it took for the agent to complete a client 's request, the lower the AHT, the better performance, this is choosen as metric as in order to provide better customer service, and ability to serve all the customers of the bank, a lower time between each call is better to increase the efficiency of the agent, and allow to a bigger number of clients to be served by one agents, and promoting to decrease the wait time for the customer, and providing a lower service que (faster time to be served by an agent), a good AHT ranges below the 350 seconds, in which calls are dealt with in less than 6 minutes.
Furthermore, another metric to be included in an annual performance appraisal would the net promoter score or NPS, where a third party company call the customers after they call the call center, and after they receive permission from the…

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