An Nba Preseason Game By Wells Fargo Essay

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He caught the ball with eight seconds left in the game. A defender ran towards him, one hand in the air to try to block the shot. As he jumped up, the entire crowd held their breaths. Everything was moving in slow motion; his arm extended and the ball spun out of his hand, gliding up into an arc headed towards the hoop. As the ball neared its highest point, the shot clock went off, and the shrill buzzer pierced through the silence. Everyone in that arena was focused on one thing: the basketball, and where it would end up. It was June of 2014, and I had just learned that in October, Wells Fargo would be hosting an NBA preseason game. This was pretty special, because I had never been to an NBA game before and was really excited to go. My dad, even though he would never show it, was excited too. Back when my friends and I first got really interested in basketball, about six months before this, I had to pick a favorite team. It took me a while, since Iowa has no teams and I didn’t really like the Minnesota Timberwolves at the time, I had to look long and hard across the nation for a team to be a fan of. I considered a lot, but ultimately, around June, I decided on the Golden State Warriors from Oakland, California. In the season before, 2013-2014, they had finished with a 51-31 record and were second in their division, so they weren’t a bad team. But what really made me like them was that they had Harrison Barnes, a 6’8” Forward who grew up in Ames and played high school…

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