An Italian Fusion Restaurant At The Vivacious City Of Chicago, Illinois

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Spiaggia is an Italian fusion restaurant hailing in the vivacious city of Chicago, Illinois. They take traditional Italian dishes and give them a creative and zany twist that brings in people from all over. Not only are they the only Italian restaurant in Chicago to be four stars but they are also marked as a must see destination for celebrities and higher ups. While the cuisine never loses sight of its Italian roots it still manages to be wonderfully modern. Not to mention they offer and amazing wine selection that comes arm-in-arm with its own sommelier to pair a wine with every course. But no restaurant would be complete without the star studded service to accompany its amazing food. The best part is that they’ve been doing this for a while now, just recently coming up on their third decade of outstanding services. The least expensive item is their sizeable array of gelatos and sorbets for dessert. You can get one flavor for $3 or 3 flavors for $9. The most expensive item on their menu is their Caviale e Burrata which will cost you around $245. The restaurant’s philosophy is to bring color to the normally strict preparation of Italian food. Chef Tony Mantuano is a James Beard award winner and the executive chef of Spiaggia. He is also half owner of the establishment and has been known in the culinary community for his outstanding work with traditional Italian food. His innovative ideas have kept the restaurant at the top of their game. He follows the rule of serving…

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