Essay on An Investment For A Better Tomorrow

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An Investment for a Better Tomorrow
Everywhere you look it seems that there is one person or another complaining about the skyrocketing tuition rates in Canada. There are so many people complaining about one certain thing, which makes it a real problem. How are the universities and colleges reacting to these complaints? They are reacting by not reacting at all, or giving poor excuses for why tuition is up an average twenty to sixty percent since 2000 (Matthews, 2013). The main excuse for this unfathomable rise in costs is mainly due to government funding cutbacks. An easy solution is for the government to invest in the youth of today to create a better tomorrow for all of society. Post-secondary institutions need more investment from the Canadian government to lower tuition costs because more jobs are requiring some form of post-secondary education, society will benefit from a better educated youth, and student loans create incredible debt. An estimate created by the British Colombia provincial government states that between the years 2010 and 2020, ”35 per cent of new job openings will require university-level education, while 42 per cent are projected to require non-university post-secondary education, college or trades certificates. In contrast, occupations that require a high-school diploma or lower education will account for less than a quarter (22 per cent) of total projected job opportunities. The figures for Canada as a whole are very similar.” (Ivanova, 2012).…

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