An Investigation Of A Research Project Essay

777 Words Sep 17th, 2015 4 Pages
In this case of a difficult advisor, I have uncovered the falsification of a research project that has been published in a leading journal. When I questioned his advisor about my inability to reproduce the previous results she becomes agitated and assigns me another task. Later I discover a notebook containing the original results and conclude they do not match the published paper in a leading journal. The clear problem I face is the decision to continue to pursue the investigation of the falsified research paper and risk damaging mine or my professors career and reputation or let the fraudulent paper continue to lead readers astray. There is the possibility that my speculations will not be believed and my integrity will be challenged because the professor has a high reputation. I am left with problem to raise a flag on the issue with all the risks in mind or to let the fraudulent paper slide. What makes this an ethical decision is that it not only affects us as the individuals involved, but also all the readers of the leading journal that it was published in. It leads the readers astray and has the potential to misguide persons in the future who wish to retest or further the research. If the flag is not raised and the paper is allowed to be discovered by another individual the heat for the original discovery could come back to hinder my reputation. The ethical issue raised is, if it is corrected, does it increase the overall pleasure of the audience? Ethically, if it is…

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