An Investigation Into the Media Representation of Gender in Sport

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An investigation into the media representation of gender in sport.

There have been many studies and investigations into the different types and intensity

of the media coverage in sport involving both sexes. This investigation will look at

previous studies and reports carried out by researchers to discover why different

genders receive different media attention in sport, and to see whether this has an

adverse effect on other issues such as participation.

It is a clear fact that men receive much more media attention and coverage than

women in most sporting events. To support this statement Boutiller and San-Giovanni

(1983) report shows that there is very little newspaper coverage (text or photos) of

women sports.
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1999 was a particular year which not only saw more women participate in sport, it

also saw an increase in spectators at women sporting events, and as a result revenue

also grew in women's sports (Markovits and Hellerman, 2001; Powers and Springer,

1999).Women's soccer was the sport that saw the biggest in crease in participation, spectators and revenues. It was also declared the largest women's sporting event in

history (Penner, 1999) every game was shown on television with 40 million U.S

viewers tuning in (Longman, 1999) and an estimated 1 billion watching world wide

(Powers and Springer, 1999). This success is even more unique because soccer has

traditionally been seen as a male dominated sport, because of the aggression and

physicality involved (Matteo, 1986) but the sport has continued to grow in both the

media coverage that it receives and participation, and may suggest that women are

now becoming more accepted in the media and sporting world.

In conclusion, this investigation has uncovered the way in which women are shown in

the media and the effects this can have on participation. However many of the reports

used in this study where conducted in the past and despite informing us on how

women where perceived in the media in the last 30 years or so, they do not necessary

indicate what is happening at the present time. More recent research into media

representation into sport has

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