An Investigation Based Learning Environment Essay

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As a generalist teacher of Primary School, my aim will be to engage students and motivate them to exceed their potential in all areas of their academic learning and personal social development. Engaging students in the content I teach by exciting them about information and teaching them to learn and think for themselves is my goal as a teacher. Ultimately, I aim to instil in students an awareness of the importance of life-long learning. To achieve this aim I will select content that is meaningful for students, as I believe the way a teacher presents information and the way in which she can link information to students’ lived experience, determines student engagement.

With this in mind, I will teach my students through a curriculum that is focused on inquiry-based learning. Brady and Kennedy (2007, as cited Hurst, 2014) have found that a learning environment that is child-centered, meaningful and authentic is the most effective way for students to learn. To create an inquiry-based learning environment, I will link the content I teach to the wider contexts impacting upon my students. My students’ home, family and community are vital areas to draw upon in order to facilitate engagement and deep learning. According to McLaughlin, Fleer and Edwards (2010) and Ewing (2013) forging these links will ensure an authentic learning experience occurs and will support learning and development. In addition, the inquiry-based classroom encourages self-regulated
learning and…

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