An Investigation At A Crime Scene Essay

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Trace Analyst During an investigation at a crime scene, there are many moving parts that are taking place at the scene. One moving part is the collection of evidence, there are two types of evidence Physical evidence, and trace evidence. Physical evidence, is evidence that can be touched or is tangible. Another type of evidence is trace evidence, trace evidence can be transferred between people, objects, or even the environment during the time of the crime. Trace evidence is easily over looked at a crime scene to the untrained eye. Trace evidence can be hair fibers, finger prints, gunshot residue, and accelerants that would have been used during an arson crime. It is a trace analyst job to look over the trace evidence and to come to a conclusion on what a material is or to examine DNA to reveal the identity of the victim or suspects.

When thinking about a trace analyst many perceive them as crime stoppers, chasing the villains in the dark, interviewing suspects and making arrest like in the hit television shows. Solving homicides in less than a week, retrieving results for trace evidence in matters of minutes. It is actually the complete opposite the time to receive results from DNA is. The working conditions for a forensic trace analysts is mainly in a laboratory testing and studying evidence from a crime scene. It also can become very hazardous because of the chemicals that they use for identification, and also the body fluids that gather at and…

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