An Introduction to the Constitutional Principles of American Government

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02-03-2009 Tatyana Kurtiyakova

It is common knowledge that without general rules any game will turn to chaos and disorder when everyone will behave as wishes to achieve a victory in what way soever. The most powerful “rules of the game” is the Constitution and the most important thing is to construe it correctly. More than 200 years the US Constitution remains the organic law of successfully developing state, which territory and population have increased many times over, and the political and economic life has changed radically. In the context of United States constitutional interpretation, invariability, political stability and
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Law enforcement also does not happen without the comprehension of legal requirement’s meaning. That is to say, without detailed, all-round and deep understanding of legal standard’s sense it is impossible to regulate a public life and strengthen legality. Interpretation of statutory acts is the necessary precondition for correct realization of rules of law. The text of the Constitution of the USA does not contain statement about the right of the Supreme Court to interpret Fundamental law. However, within the limits of judicial review, which is implemented by the Supreme Court since 1803, explanation of the constitutional norms is the essential prerequisite for decision-making about the accordance of one or another legal document with the Constitution of the United States. Why the Constitution as the fundamental and constant law requires definitive authority for its interpretation and explanation and why the Supreme Court should be such authority? One of the reasons is that the Supreme Court, in contrast to other two branches, has no material power and is ostensibly deprived personal interests. It only guards the Constitution which is the deepest expression of the national will and if interpretation is carried out properly the will of the nation will find the implementation in the solution of the constitutional questions by the Court. Other argument is that interpretation is based on compliance with a principle of justice which is embodied in the

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