Essay about An Introduction And My Dilemma

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An Introduction and My Dilemma
Who am I? How can I be described? How exactly can the holistic being that is “me” be outlined in a mere four pages of type? Like countless others about to enter their twenties, I am currently struggling to decide exactly what I want to be when I “grow up”. I feel as though while as I was traveling the path leading to my current self and attempting to answer this question, I lost myself somewhere along the way. Thus, it is with a grappling tussle that I attempt to define my own personality. With the words that follow, I will attempt to capture my essence and view myself through the lenses of different personality psychologists and perhaps, once again, find my path. Since, typically, when someone endeavors to describe ones personality, the most prominent quality that describes an individual is their position on the introversion-extraversion spectrum. I, too, will begin with this.

Introvert or Extrovert? It’s Difficult to Say
I have always struggled to declare which of these two qualities define me more. In our modern western society in which parents chase introverted qualities out of their children, a sole label ends up defining an individual. I undoubtedly display many introverted qualities. I rarely volunteer my opinion in class and I hold an intense dislike for boisterously loud parties. Devoting hefty chunks of time to thinking and constructing in-depth worlds inside my head, Carl Jung would agree that my energy is focused inwards; I would…

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