Essay about An Interview With The Yearbook Coordinators

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I remember doing an interview with the yearbook coordinators in grade 8 and her asking what do you want to do? My answer, a paediatrician. Even with my limited knowledge of medicine, I knew medicine was my ultimate career choice. Following this interaction, I did as most kids do and binge searched the topic. I googled, ‘how to become a paediatrician?’ Mind you, my grasp of the English language was very rudimentary at the time since I had just immigrated to Canada two years prior. The google results overwhelmingly stated that I need all A’s and to increase my chances of being accepted to medical school I need to volunteer. I had A’s in my classes so I had completed half of my requirements to becoming a physician but as a 12- year-old and a new immigrant to Canada my volunteering opportunities were few and far in between. However, undeterred I went to my vice-principle the very next day and declared that “I need to volunteer to be a doctor so I would appreciate it he let me know when the opportunity arises.” He, of course, thought that I was joking but by the end of my 30-minute one-sided conversation with him, I had convinced that volunteering was the key to my path to being a physician.
Luckily for me at the time, there was an influx of Afghan immigrants to Windsor and a lot of them lived near my house so they were registered in my grade school and since I spoke fluent Farsi I was the self-appointed welcoming committee of one and interpreter. After I had the new Afghan…

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