An Interview With The United States Essay examples

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There are hundreds of different languages spoken across the globe today. It is interesting to note that the United States, one of the most diverse countries in the world, does not have an official language. While English is what a majority of the American population speaks, it is by no means the only language that can be heard here. In California, specifically Southern California, two of the most widely spoken languages are English and Spanish. Often in the past, scholars as well as regular people, made theories and assumptions regarding languages. One of the most widely accepted assumptions was that some languages are superior to others. Another common belief was that some languages are more difficult to learn than others. Lastly, one prevailing theory was that if an individual did not learn a language by a certain time, they would just not be able to learn it at all. All of these ideas are still around today. After conducting an interview with my Step-Mother, Laura Cruz, and my Step-Brother, Anthony Toro, I have come to understand how language has come to affect their lives. After interviewing the two of them I have come to understand how some languages were once seen as inferior, how some languages are seen as harder than others, and also, how languages create a bond between people and become an essential part of their identities. A common thought circulating around is that some languages are better than others. There are various reasons this myth has persisted. One…

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