Essay about An Interview With John Stewart On The Daily Show

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In an interview with John Stewart on The Daily Show, Pakistani activist for female education, Malala Yousafzai stated, “…In Pakistan, when we were stopped from going to school, at that time I realized that education … is the power for women, and that’s why the terrorists are afraid of education…” From her speech and other quotes of famous politicians and activists about women’s presentation in education, we see the growing impact of education not only International world, but also American society too. However, politics, social movements have affected the education too. My interest in the impact of feminism education has developed through the different lenses of inquiry. I started interesting in this topic in my school years when we read literature and history courses. From historic and literature works, I noticed in sixteenth through mid-twentieth centuries the dominant role of teachers was played by men, and mostly school fulfilled by boys too. However, women teachers increased during a second half of the last twentieth century. At that time, feminism germinated as new political and socio-cultural movement. Due to these facts, I have become more interested in feminism and education since entering the teachers’ preparation program at the university.
Throughout history, we observe that gender inequalities operate in different context and fields of the society. Gender inequalities affect the division of roles the men and the women in a social life and professional…

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