An Interview With Bill Moyers Essay

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In an interview with Bill Moyers, Joseph Campbell describes what it means to be a hero and all the requirements it encompasses. A hero to Campbell is someone who dedicates their life to something or someone other than themselves. The moral objective of being a hero, is saving something, whether it be an individual, a group of people, or an idea. He illustrates a picture that the hero performs at least one of two deeds, if not both; physical and spiritual. The physical deed is defined as the hero who performs an act of war in order to save a life. The second deed is known as the spiritual deed, where the hero experiences a wide range of spirituality in human (Interview). The typical hero pattern Campbell talks about in his interview is known as the monomyth cycle. This cycle begins with the departure of the hero followed by the fulfillment and then the return. Each of these three acts contains five to six stages. Most of the characteristics that Campbell suggest describes a hero, can be found within both the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Ramayana.
Rama, the main character in the myth Ramayana follows suit to Campbell 's description of a hero. Rama’s first departure or initiation begins when Sage Viswamithra unexpectedly travels to Kosala to meet with Rama’s father, King Dasartha. There, Viswamithra, requests for Rama’s help as he treks to Sidhasrama, “send your son Rama with me, and he will help me. He can” (Narayan, 8). Despite his father’s attempts to change Viswamithra’s mind,…

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