An Interview With A Young Caucasian Woman Essay

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There are some things that I have noticed in the book that may still happen today but I do not think that they would be nearly as severe as they were back in the 1920’s when the lynching’s in Duluth happened or even before the 1920’s. The officer who interviewed Sandra about the rape just believed everything that she said without doing much investigation into if all her facts line up together. Today I think that something similar could happen but I think police would investigate it much more than they did back in Duluth, when the crime was committed. I think that this might happen today if the police officer who is conducting the interview with a young Caucasian woman, if the police officer has any form of prejudice or bias toward any specific race of people or if they believes everything the person is saying is true without investigating further.
Many things have changed for the better since these horrible crime and deaths had happened. Today we do not have segregated schools, bathrooms or drinking fountains. We are able to be come friends with people of a different race and even marry people of different races. Overall, we are able to marry who ever we want in this day and age. Opinions of race and racism are much different when you travel to places in the United States. For example, the south still can be rather racist depending where a person may visit or live. It also depends where a person grew up and what values a person grew up with, which may indicate if…

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