An Interview With A Working Poor Essay

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1.1 Purpose: This report explores the reasons behind why some people in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) are on the verge of becoming homeless and suggest ways in which the community can help.
1.2 Background:A recent study on the Working Poor (Lackner, 2015) shows that houses being built right now are too expensive for an average citizen to purchase. How is someone being paid minimum wage going to rent a house? The Working Poor is a growing concern in today’s society.
1.3 Methodology: An interview with a person currently living in a homeless shelter took place on December 2, 2015. Two articles, websites and a book about the Working Poor were also used as part of this research.
1.4 Scope: Besides the interviewee’s response, this report investigates reasons why house prices are skyrocketing as time goes on: House Rents, Minimum Wage, and the Government.
House Rents
It is not always the person’s fault if shelters become so expensive. Houses being built in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) are being sold for ridiculously high prices and the amount of money Real Estate agents want are unbelievable. An average citizen will not be able to afford to rent a house around the downtown area. Statistics tell us by 2022 houses will be so expensive that there will be more houses open for rent than people actually living in them (“Manhattan-zation” of Toronto, Lackner). The minimum wage in Toronto is $11.25, assuming someone working everyday for eight hours means they will be making $90 per…

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