Essay about An Interview With A Woman 's A Man

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“She contracted HIV twenty years ago. Oh, and she’s a man. But she highly prefers to be a woman—goes by Rhonda, she’ll really like you if you call her that.” Susan, the charge nurse, had briefed the student outside the patient’s room and scurried off to help her assigned patient, who needed medical attention right away, so in a rush to help her complete the interview requirement for the care plans, Susan had sent her in to visit Rhonda without allowing her so much as a glance at the charts.
“Hey there, sweetie” the patient said in a faint, hoarse voice, as she entered the room cautiously. Rhonda sat erect in bed, her stubbed hands folded carefully upon her lap. “I know the door says Rizzo, but I like to be called Rhonda,” she insisted. The aide nodded apprehensively, clenching a list of exceedingly intimate questions in her perspiring hands. “Hello Rhonda, it’s nice to meet you,” she said. She introduced herself as a nursing student in training and inquired if she could ask her some questions.
Now she sat, suffering from the full effect of her lack of nursing experience as she faced the patient, uncertain of what to say. Rhonda appeared about sixty years, sitting tall with a slumped posture, her pale, aged-spotted skin and shriveled body distinctly plagued by the disease. Of all the many questions that she begged asking, instead of satisfying her own growing curiosities, they were all very confidential questions she felt she simply didn’t have the right to ask.…

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