An Interview With A Knee Surgery Essay

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Introduction The individual that I interviewed told me about her change that happened because of knee surgery. She went from being an active person to someone who is now burdened by recovering from a knee surgery that is taking longer to recover from than what was originally predicted. Throughout her change she has had many challenges, risks, protective factors, help, and empowerment. I am able to relate to this individuals’ story about her knee troubles as I have my own knee issues and have looked at the change process of having knee surgery to find out if it is something that may be in my future. As well from talking with this individual my views on practice changed. I now think of invisible health issues a lot more and how to make sure all children and youth are given the same chance in a programs. When I conducted the interview with this individual we had an informal meeting. Throughout the meeting we asked each other questions as she was asking me questions on my own change that I have been going through. We did our interviews while sitting on my couches, drinking lemonade and having a snack. Doing the interview this way allowed us to be open, conferrable, and to have a bit of fun, which is important to give answers that are truthful and would help each other with our projects.
The Change
What happened to make the change
In June of 2016, the individual that I interviewed had knee surgery after years of dealing with an injury that happened while playing rugby in…

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