An Interview For A Scholarship Or An Award Essay examples

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“Tell me about yourself?” Every time I hear this whether it be in an interview for a scholarship or an award I immediately freeze. I don’t even know myself yet and you want me to tell you? I still haven’t figured out what a proper and an adequate response is, but this is what I’ve thought of. I’ve been interested in politics since a young age where I would wake up early in the morning to watch the news. I’ve since evolved from being an 11-year-old trying to figure out governmental processes to having a grasp of what’s happening. I’ve been on the left, a centrist and even on the right. Just like politics which is always changing I’ve been experiencing it first hand. From the beginning of high school to when I played water polo were years where I changed what I believed I met people who had the same political leanings as myself, which was difficult in California let alone Los Angeles County, and I met people who felt completely different. During high school some teachers would influence my decisions and how I would do certain things.
The two influential people I know other than family were my teachers in high school. Mrs. Perez was my Spanish, Horizons/AVID and my club’s advisor, but after four years she was family. Mr. Sanchez was my US History, Horizons/AVID and also an advisor to another club, he also became family. They both influenced my decisions in high school along with getting me through tough times from struggling in my math class to college applications. If I ever…

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