An Interview Conducted By Greatschoolsstaff, Nclb Essay

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In an interview conducted by Greatschoolsstaff, NCLB is a law that gives opportunities to study to every single child in the U.S. This law also provides education to students with disabilities that needs special education to learn. No Child left Behind has subgroups as well, it has students that has problem economically, students from different races, cultures and ethnic groups, students with disabilities and also students that have difficulties with the language (English) (GreatKids).
Time magazine’s article “In Defense of No Child Left Behind” states that, NCLB was planned to bring accountability into public schools. This law requires states to test students in grades 3-8. States has to create consequences for schools that failed to make progress, for example: free tutoring after hours and changing instructional programs or allowing students to change to other public schools.
NCLB is an effective way to improve education; it has secured many opportunities for people that is not necessary Americans. How does this happen? This law is made for children to have education no matter the race, color or culture they come from or the disability that the child has. The state will provide free tutoring for these students to help them succeed in state tests like reading and math tests that it is mandatory to take. ( 'No Child Left Behind ' Benefits Tutoring Business 0-0:19)
According to, The NCLB law makes sure that all schools are functioning at a correct level, the…

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