An Interview Bryan Gaines 's `` Grace Biblical Counseling, Llc.

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America has seen a huge spike in the percentage of marriages ending in divorce in the last 100 years. This seemed very alarming to me so I decided to interview Bryan Gaines, Director of Grace Biblical Counseling, LLC. Mr. Gaines received certification as a biblical counselor through ACBC and a Master 's of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been a professional marriage and family counselor for over 10 years. I asked Mr Gaines a series of questions about divorce; questions about the impact, the causes, and the solution to this problem.
Mr. Gaines first described the devastating impact this problem has on those involved as well as society as a whole. Those who are affected the most are the children. Some respond better than others but statistically, kids respond to their parents getting a divorce very negatively. The parents’ marriage is the child’s foundation; when that is torn apart the child no longer feels secure, often feels guilty for the divorce, is angry toward his or her parents, and feels a lot of shame. Gaines explained how these feelings are often expressed later in life in crime, poor relationships, anger, drugs, and many other harmful ways. The interviewee then went on to explain the devastating affects divorce has on society as a whole. Because marriage is the foundation of the family and family is the foundation of society, when marriages crumble, so will society as we know it. This plays out from generation to generation in…

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