An Interview At Sina English, An English Destination For News And Information About China

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I am a news editor at SINA English, an English destination for news and information about China. I write and edit news stories every day. Moreover, I need to select the stories with real news value to interest the readers. Currently, I am responsible for the section of China domestic news providing more news stories about hot social issues and key issues on people’s livelihood. Maybe it is a tough work for others, but it is the career I love. And I chose to step into the field of journalism, largely because of my experience in college.

I majored in English at university, which helps me not only lay a solid foundation in the four skills, but widen my perspectives. And the Beijing Language and Culture University has provided me with the opportunity to become a globally minded person. At BLCU, which is often called "Little United Nations" in China, because of its very large amount of international students from different cultural backgrounds, I built up strong communication skills and opened my mind through my communication with teachers and foreign students. And in my sophomore year, I began to think about my future career seriously. Considering my strong communication skills, excellent command of English language, open-mindedness and my dream of being a journalist, since Bai Yansong has been my admired journalists in China, I wished I would be a journalist like him one day in the future. Therefore, I was determined to become an English journalist after graduation.

In order…

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