An Internet Search For Project Communication Plan

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Introduction The week one assignment asked that an internet search for project communication plan be conducted to include three to four different plans. The websites must have a “.gov” as their source. The websites are to be compared and discuss how they are similar, or dissimilar, with my conclusion concerning the importance of an internal communication plan? Using Google as the search engine to perform the search, three were located. Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the project resources (Washington, 2009). The second was a Project Communications handbook published by Caltrans, which is the California Highway Transportation Department (Caltrans, 2007). The purpose of the Caltrans handbook provides an overview of the basic concepts and processes that guide project communication at the Department. The third chosen website, was the Department of Agriculture communication plan published by the U.S.D.A. The purpose of the Department of Agriculture Vendor Communication Plan is to provide better direction to the workforce and to clarify the nature and portfolio of engagement opportunities for industry (USDA, 2012).
Internal Communication Plan Comparison With the three websites researched, all three were similar as they articulate the direction, or guide personnel on communication during a project. The communication plan published by the State of Washington for the Chief Public Information Officer

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