Essay on An International Business Field Study Experience With Uae

1023 Words Jun 6th, 2015 null Page
As an International Business major with my continuous learning practice with this field, I have learned to appreciate the ways of doing business in a cross-cultural environment and develop global leadership competencies. Especially after the field study experience with UAE, it further expanded my personal interpretations on building cultural awareness among different regions and how to lead with strong influence and motivation.

United Arab Emirates is famous for abundant oil and gas reverses as its bedrock for continuous booming economy. However, UAE took further stretch into the future and steered its development into healthcare, education and infrastructure. Nowadays, UAE is one of the most diversified and fastest growing economy in the world, and one of the most politically stable and secure in the Gulf region. Its economic center – Dubai, has emerged into an international trade, commerce and transportation hub, which further brought more opportunities and fortune into UAE.

Throughout my experience with UAE trip, I greatly sharpened my critical analysis skills and global cultural awareness. At first, I came to reach this field study with a “student” point of view, right off from the books and knowledge I learnt. With more and more firsthand and fundamental experiences from the business visits and tours, I harnessed my skills as a professional to learn different aspects of business. Instead of focusing on proposed or surface meanings, I have learned to constantly…

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