An Intern At The Duval County Courthouse Essay

2215 Words Dec 9th, 2016 9 Pages
As an intern at The Duval County Courthouse, I’ve learned so much about the legal profession. Initially when I started this internship, I did not know what to expect. I had a friend who completed the internship before me, and she spoke very highly of her supervisor and her overall experience there. On my first day at the courthouse, I was very nervous and instantly became intimidated by the extensive collection of books. For instance, I came across multiple books from The Florida Supreme Court that were written in 1846. My supervisor assured me that I would be fine but, there would be a lot to learn. As an intern my responsibility was to arrive at 8 am and set up the library for the day. That included turning on the computers for the patrons to use, returning law books to the shelves, and refilling the printers with paper. I was also expected to help my supervisor research documents for attorneys and help patrons with law requests. Patrons most frequently needed, a “quitclaim deed”, documents notarized, or assistance in finding ordinances, or statutes. Included in my responsibility as an intern I was expected to know what was going on throughout the city, regarding legal and business activities. The Daily Record was the main document that I was required to read, alongside The Wall Street Journal. The Daily Record is the primary publisher of legal notices in Duval County, Florida. It publishes news, profiles, and articles of interest to the Jacksonville urban core’s…

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