An Interactive Spiral With The Identified Critical Mass Analysis

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Action research is a process that works in an interactive spiral with the identified critical mass analysis stakeholders that helps define the problem or course of action, implementation of those solutions and then evaluate practical solutions from investigating key stakeholders (Stringer 2015). All individuals that feel their lives have an impact into the concerns of the investigation should be included in the defining and exploring to add there experience in the construction of the inquiry team. Critical mass analysis is during an action research project is of importance for clear understanding of who is the closest actors in the process. In this case, all parties share equal level of involvement and are deeply involved for influencing the project creation of strategies and the development of change or condition the project identifies within the organization. In further, a course of action for resolution that is affecting the performance of the company that is weighing heavily on all stakeholder decisions. Field services is experiencing client dissatisfaction and it is related to cash flow issues between accounts receivable and accounts payable with a clear deficit relating to finished goods and satisfaction of product.
Roles and Involvement The concern for this project is that a cash flow problem is affecting field performance and customer satisfaction. The customers/client in this case is a stakeholder as per Marshall, Wilson, de Salas, & McKay, (2010) state…

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