An Interactive Butterfly Exhibit That Depicts A Life Cycle Of The Butterfly

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Next the visitor moves to an interactive butterfly exhibit that depicts a step illustration of the life cycle of the butterfly. This also provides an example of the complexity and development of God’s creation. The visitor continues to walk into the next room, which is completely green filled lush vegetation illustrations, live plants, trees, and animals such as insects, fish and finches. This is where he or she is introduced to the Day 5 exhibit. Again, green plaques provide scriptural references and an explanation of God’s acts on the fifth day: the creation of marine and winged life. To the right of this exhibit is the Day 6 plaque, which describes God’s acts on that particular day such as the creation of all land animals, man, and women. Biblical reference and insect exhibits are also included here. Next, visitors move to the 7th Day exhibit, which is more informative than illustrational, although there is a detailed mural to the left of Adam and Eve’s shadows in the garden during sunset. This section is filled with informative plaques describing God’s confirmation of the 6th day creation, God’s day of rest, an analysis of the creation of functional maturity, the significance of the week, man’s creation in God’s image and dominion mandate. After this section of the tour visitors then move to the fall of man exhibit in the next room. This room is dimly lit, with heavy influences of deep and dark colors such as red and black. The garden mural in this room looks as if…

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