An Integrated General Education Class Essay

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Justin is an outgoing 7 year old boy in Mrs. F second grade class. He is currently in an integrated general education class, and is pulled out of class daily to attend learning center with Mrs. C class to work on his speech, language arts, or reading. One of the challenges Justin has when learning is verbally expressing what he is trying to communicate. When speaking, Justin speaks in broken sentences and is unable to find the correct words to express what he is trying to say. At times, he becomes extremely excited when speaking and he starts to jump around as he is specking. Under Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA) Justin’s challenges of verbally communicating with others does make does have difficulty learning. His speech has affected his writing and reading performance, which he is currently needed additional support. Also, he has challenges controlling his emotions when working in a group setting. He becomes frustrated with his group members and yells “no” to them when he wants them to listen to him. Justin is an intelligent student that loves to participate is class activities. Being in an inclusive classroom has given him the opportunities to develop on his social skills and interact with a range of students. The accomplishments Justin has achieved academically, has allowed him to strengthen in a range of learning areas. Justin is an English Language Learner (ELL), being an ELL student has had an impact on his performance in language arts and reading. In…

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