An Intangible Object Can Define Your Relationship With Someone

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It is crazy to think that an intangible object can almost define your relationship with someone. A relationship meaning your parents, a sibling, a family member, a good friend, a teacher, a spouse or significant other, or even someone you do not really know. There are a lot of components that go into a good healthy relationship; there is communication, respect, affection, responsibility, and transparency. But there is also something called trust, without it you might as well not have a relationship with that person. If you trust someone you are starting with a good foundation in the relationship. People who trust each other are more likely to have a better relationship than people who do not trust each other. Trust is having confidence in someone that they have the ability to do something, it is believing that what a person is telling you is the truth, it is knowing that the person has no intentions to hurt you, and it is knowing that without a doubt in your mind that they are on your side.
For a healthy relationship you need to be able to believe that you can trust someone with your life or the life of your loved ones. You need to know that no matter what if your life is in someone’s hands that you know deep down you will be fine. For me to trust someone with my life I need to know that this person has a good head on their shoulders and also I want them to have their best intentions for me and my life. But you do not have to believe in them for something as serious as…

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