An Inspirational Woman Of Helen Keller Essay

1652 Words Oct 9th, 2015 null Page
Helen Keller was an extremely inspirational woman who had to overcome both deafness and blindness, and who found success and happiness in her life. Recalling her own personal experiences, she believed that anyone with determination and willpower could control their fate and succeed in life. But as she travelled and spoke with others throughout the country, she realized her view on achievement was severely limited. Keller realized that she had many opportunities in life that others did not, especially when it came to a quality education. Without proper education, a person faces a major setback and cannot achieve their goals, no matter how hard they work. When approaching how to fix the current inequality and achievement gaps in public schools, many quickly come up with solutions such as implementing a common core or standardized testing. These solutions may be necessary, but before they can be implemented, school and government officials must first seek to solve the problems at the core. The major problem is that the education students receive throughout the United States is different across states, within a state, or even within a single school. Not only is different but it is clear that some people receive a good education that prepares them for success while others do not. The purpose of public education is to provide for all children equally in order to prepare them with the tools needed to have control in their fate. I believe this cannot be accomplished unless…

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