An Inspector Calls Essay

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The beginning of the extract, the characters are left "staring, subdued and wondering" which shows a sense of mystery and confusion within the family. They have been left in complete shock because of the event that has just occured. In the stage directions it says that,
"Sheila is still quietly crying." This builds up the drama more and proves to us that the situation has really affected her. We can see this throughout the extract. She dislikes her father's comments. The stage directions show us this and Priestley has written her comments towards her parents to be angry and frustrated. Sheila is trying to make her parents see that what they did to the girl was wrong. She says, "I behaved badly too. I know I did. But
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This shows that the situation has not affected him at all. He also repeatedly mentions throughout the extract that his family's reputation will be ruined and that he will not get his knighthood.
This could be why he "stops, looks gloomily at the other three" and
"hastily swallows". He is worried about what society will think of him and is maybe annoyed that the family meal was ruined. Birling says to
Eric, "You're the one i blame for this." This is dramatic irony because he doesn't blame himself, when he was the one who started it as he sacked the girl. This comment from Birling provokes Eric, causing Eric to be sarcastic towards his father and starts off the conflict between them.

Birling brings up the things that Eric had been doing behind his parents' back. He says, "And there's going to be no more drinking round the town." By bringing these issues up again, he is reminding the family of what Eric has done and so creates more drama. Also here,
Birling is being authoritive and cannot understand that Eric was trying to help the girl. He believes that he is always correct.
Birling says, "There's every excuse for what both your mother and I did- it turned out unfortunately, that's all." He seems to believe that only he and Mrs Birling have a reason for what they did to the girl. Birling also says that he does not care about what Sheila has to

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