An Insight Into The Pcl R. Psychopathy Essay

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An insight into the PCL-R
Psychopathy is a commonly researched yet misunderstood topic/condition that has become increasingly apparent in the court system in the past century. There isn’t much to help one identify this condition in a person, but one tool that has withstood the test of time is the psychopathy checklist-revised (PCL-R). The PCL-R is a list of characteristics used to recognize psychopathy in an individual as well as give an insight into their specific condition. In a court setting the PCL-R is very useful to understand a little more surrounding both the crime itself and the criminal. To fully comprehend the PCL-R and its usefulness one must comprehend the process of the test itself, the people it’s used to detect, the research it signifies and the people that took measures to research it, as well as the issues that have arisen with it and how to solve them.
What The PCL-R Is And What It Tells Us The PCL-R is a checklist used by psychologists/psychiatrists to identify psychopathy in individuals, whether that be ordinary patients or criminals moving forward in the court system. The list is made up of twenty attributes broken up into two factors, each divided into two facets. Factor one consists of the first and second facets: interpersonal traits(facet 1) like manipulation and grandiosity, and affective traits(facet 2) such as callousness and shallow affect. This leaves factor two with the third and fourth facets: life style traits(facet 3) like…

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