An Innocent Mans Life Was Ruined Just Because Of His Religion?

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Could you believe that an innocent mans life was ruined just because of his religion?
The Dreyfus Affair was blatant anti-semitism. An innocent French soldier was convicted for a dreadful crime, just because he was Jewish. It is clear he was only imprisoned as a result of anti-semitism for countless reasons. Firstly, Dreyfus was the only Jew in the French Army. Secondly, there was a lot of anti-semitic statements coming out at this time, displaying that there was influx of anti-semitism in France at this time. Thirdly, another letter was found in the same handwriting as the one that was supposedly Dreyfus’, showing it was not him since he was in jail at the time. Fourthly, Emilie Zola stands up for him and is accused of saying a false statement and ruining reputations. Lastly, Dreyfus is called back into court and had all the evidence proving he was innocent, yet he was convicted and incarcerated for another ten years. Alfred Dreyfus was born to a wealthy, Jewish family on October 9, 1859 in Alsace, which was the border between Germany and France. At that point in time, Alsace was part of France. In 1870, post Franco-Prussian war, Alsace was returned to Germany, causing Alfred and his family to leave Alsace. They moved to Paris, France. One of the reasons why Dreyfus was convicted was because people said that he may not be loyal to France, since he was born in Germany. They thought his loyalties were with the country he was born in. Alfred served in the French military…

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