An Informative Step Toward Understanding What It Takes For An Eil Student

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An informative step toward understanding what it takes for an EIL student to become successful is the connection that the teacher and learner should have. This connection is the positive interaction between teacher and student. It is this connection that will benefit both the student and the teacher. Unquestionably, teacher and student should be able to do their part to have this connection and to improve. Therefore, EIL students will have a positive attitude toward learning English depending on the connection with their teachers. There are difficulties that the learners face in class, however, they can have a positive attitude rather than a negative one because of the connection they have with the teacher. I had the opportunity to interview Rita who is currently taking EIL 310. Rita is from Samoa and she can speak English and Samoan fluently because she grew up speaking both languages in her home and school. In this interview, I asked her the following questions: What’s it like to be a current EIL student? What skills do you find difficult in class and why? What methods do you use in class to help you learn more? What are your thoughts about the textbook use in class? What do you think about learning English? What does your teacher do in class? What activities does she give to do in class? Do these activities help you to learn more effectively? Does it frustrate you if the teacher skip chapters in the text book? What are things that the teacher does and use that does not…

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