An Influential Psychologists Of The 20th Century Essay

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b. Rationale: According to one of the most influential Psychologists of the 20th century, B.F. Skinner not only believed strongly in the use of reinforcements as a way of motivating students, but also believed that positive reinforcements would lead to an increased behavior in a given area, while negative reinforcements would result in a decrease of undesirable behaviors (Roblyer & Doering, 2013, p. 39). A classroom is made up of many diverse learners with unique personalities, goals and backgrounds, therefore, students may respond differently when it comes to motivation. Within a given classroom, there are students who are primarily motivated through some kind of system of rewards, incentives, and recognition. These students will oftentimes make a greater effort in class in order to be recognized or receive a reward. However, Sprick (2013) notes:
If students don’t care about or don’t want to earn the reward they are working toward, your system is not likely to be effective. You should use high-powered rewards—ones that students want so badly that they are motivated to try to meet your expectations in order to earn it. (p. 279)
Additionally, he goes on to mention that an effective reward system requires four things: choosing, implementing, maintaining, and at some point gradually fading the system (p. 278). Extrinsic motivation “is motivation to perform and succeed for the sake of accomplishing a specific result or outcome (Kirk, n.d.). Essentially, it is a motivation…

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