Essay about An Individual 's Wellbeing Is Always Changing

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An individual’s wellbeing is always changing. Wellbeing it is dependent mostly on age, gender and spatial variations. However changes in wealth, income and employment also play their own parts when it comes to both physical and psychological wellbeing. These financial controls can be changed by a range of factors including the government, various policies, personal choices and luck. Interestingly monetary gains also influence social wellbeing; people gain a sense of wellbeing from beating others in their relative area, be that physically near them in a neighborhood or from similar socio-economic backgrounds. The current National-led government is very focused on economic growth and, one would assume the wellbeing of all New Zealand’s citizens. The strong focus on paying off the national debt means that other areas can sometimes be ignored ( gap between rich and poor in NZ).

Because wellbeing is very personal, subjective and intangible it is difficult to define, quantify or measure it. Ryff, in her paper on attempting to define psychological wellbeing, uses five measures to attempt to quantify it. The first measure is the ‘affect balance scale’, this scale is about calculating how positive or negative a person is. Life satisfaction is the second measure; self-esteem, the third and morale is the fourth are, Locus of control is the fifth and final measure of wellbeing, this measure can be split into three types of control; control over one’s own life, control over political…

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