An Individual 's Physical Appearance Essay

1622 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
I was jealous of Kayla Woodson from the moment I realized that for everyone, an individual’s physical appearance was much more important than his or her character. Kayla was one of those individuals. She was one of those pretty girls who got whatever she wanted. Everybody treated her like a princess, showering her with various gifts and attention. She was considered to be the most beautiful girl around my town and in my school and whenever she came to school, she was always in the arms of a different boy. According to me, she was a bully who harassed other girls who weren’t “pretty enough” to be a part of her clique. She was awfully mean to most of the girls in school. How did that make her beautiful? Was having a pretty face all one needed to be called beautiful?
When I was younger, I was more of a tomboy. I was someone who chuckled when my mother would advise me to wash my hair with red mud so that is could be shiny, silky and black, just like coal. I never starved myself just to be thin. I was fonder of video games than Barbie dolls or Disney princesses. Instead of spending the morning before school applying makeup, I would rather spend it playing on the X-box. But as I began growing older, I started feeling insecure about myself. I was regularly made fun of in middle school for not being cute enough, and I didn’t have many friends. Kayla was one of those people who was always bullying me. She’d do anything to try to make me feel horrible about myself. I constantly felt…

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