An Individual 's Personality Determined More By Heredity And Environment

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1. Is an individual’s personality determined more by heredity/genetics or by the environment in which he or she is raised? Explain.

Whether an individual’s personality is determined more by heredity or by environment can go either way, your heredity and environment can influence your personality. An individual’s personality is the molecular structure of the genes located on the chromosomes (Robbins & Judge, 2015, p. 138). However, this does not mean your personality can never change. We recently threw a baby shower for a new coworker; instead of playing your traditional baby shower games we decided to do an icebreaker. Everyone in the room had to write down a memory as a child anonymously and we had to guess who the memory belonged to. One coworker wrote that she once lost her pencil in school and was too shy to tell her teacher so she waited until she went home to tell her mom. We were all shocked because that is not at all her personality, she explained going to college forced her to become more social. Heredity establishes your personality while environments changes them, just like values.

2. Can emotions be expressed appropriately via the written word (i.e. e-mail messages)? Or is face-to-face communication required for emotions to be adequately conveyed?

Emotions can be expressed appropriately via email; memos or text messaging depending on your relationship with the person and the context, although, there is still room for miscommunication. The absence of that…

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