An Individual With Autistic Spectrum Disorder Essay

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In the case study about an individual with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, we learn about a boy who is diagnosed with autism at a young age and how school accommodates this. Blake Kwon was the third child to Mr. and Mrs. Kwon. When Blake was a baby, his parents were concerned that he was not responsive to or interested in people or other stimuli like their two other children, who were both girls. They dismissed these concerns as simply being the difference between raising boys and girls. When Blake was one and not making noises or reaching for people or toys, the Kwon decided to share their concerns with their on base pediatrician. After an inadequate examination and assessment, the pediatrician concluded that Blake was retarded. Later that year the Kwons moved to another army base, where Blake began receiving services from DCSD, the Fernald Center, and especially Lynn Cybulski. After several assessments by the specialists at the Fernald Center, Blake’s disability was diagnosed as autistic rather than mental impairment. Lynn Cybulski noticed that Blake would carry around a stack of papers. She began to realize that Blake was not just collecting any piece of paper; he was only interested in paper with words printed on them. Lynn also started to realize that Blake would put his pile of papers down by her, as so if he wanted her to read them. Eventually Blake started to carry around blank paper and a marker, and started to make fleeting marks on them and Lynn interpreted these as…

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