Essay on An Individual Educational Plan ( Iep )

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In first video , the Reed’s parents, Bruce Goldstein the Director of Special Education, Susan Gribebler a first grade teacher at Jones elementary, and Virginia Stern a speech and language pathologist at Kennedy School where conducting an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for Reed educational needs by considering his least restricted environment level. During the IEP meeting the parents and school officials were not able to accurately communicate with one another about Reed’s educational needs. The parents had strong views of what they consider were in the best interest of Reed, for instance, the parents wanted Reed to receive 3 speech sessions a week, socialization skills and his development at Kennedy School versus Jones Elementary School. The school officials did not take into consideration those concerns nor provide a mutual agreement of meeting their and their child’s needs. At the end of the meeting, the school officials and Reed’s parent were unhappy with the outcome of the IEP meeting as the school continued to advise the need for Kennedy School for Reed regardless of the parent’s concerns.
During the second video, the parents showed a picture of their child and mention that it would be nice for them to see what he looks like as they did not know what he look like prior to the meeting. For the director, first grade teacher and speech and language pathologist to be a part of a meeting and not know the student on an educational level through observation is a concern as…

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