An Indians Looking Glass For The White Man By William Apess Essay

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As Confucius once said, “Do unto to others what you want done unto you”. We as people want to be treated equal. We don’t want to be judged on our skin color, religion, and morals. Also, the indication that one race is more superior to others is absurd. In “An Indians looking-glass for the White man,” William Apess develops the theme of consciousness by discussing the hypocrisy of whites towards Indians to strengthen the overall equality of humans and race by foreshadowing biblical evidence to prove judgments made on Indians. Apess, an ordained minister, writer, and mixed religious leader was an activist particularly toward Native Americans. However, throughout this story Apess gives clarity to whites which he calls a looking-glass toward the Indians. Moreover, affirming that he is showing them a mirror in which the whites need to view themselves before claiming to be more superior to the other. Apess also insinuates biblical facts which conclude the whites’ hypocrisy. Furthermore, acclaiming facts in which the whites during this period was so prided on their Christian morals which were mostly illogical and unethical.
Intially, Apess points out the major hardships Indians faced throughout this time. He pointed out facts that most people particularly white Christians are oblivious too. Which how they migrated onto a land that was already “discovered”. Apess exclaims, “Now if these people are what they are held up in our view to be, I would take the liberty to ask why they are…

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