An Indian 's Looking Glass For The White Man Essay

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1) Why does Apess title his document “An Indian’s Looking-Glass for the White Man”?

Apess choice of words in this work allows the reader to have a better understanding of the not so hidden message presented by the author. There are different versions as to why he may have chosen this tittle. Some literary critics believe that the American Indian is looking at himself in the mirror, for the benefit of the white man. Others agree that the Native American people are holding the mirror so the white oppressor can see himself and his actions against minorities. Further interpretations deal with the issue of the Native American man being a looking glass himself, a mirror where the white man sees his image while reading the text of the work by Apess, and is able to see his pride and abuse. This is when the white man sees himself as a colored man, blushed with shame, thus becoming a “red skin man”. The looking glass may as well be considered a lens for the way the Native American Indian sees the hypocrisy of the white invader. By moving forward from the tittle to the work itself, the reader understands that Apess is trying to take away the white man’s justification of his own actions, by showing the fallacy of his preaching and the falsehood behind his ideas.

2) Characterize the tone of the speaker.

In this work, Apess’ tone holds reproach, condemnation, while being full of integrity and valor. He understands the audience that will be receiving his message, and the…

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