An Indian Father 's Plea By Robert Lake Essays

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Cultural Literacy

Cultures are dynamic, ever growing and ever shrinking. Cultural literacy is not only the ability to understand and learn about other cultures, it also includes the awareness and maintenance of an individual’s own culture. Cultural literacy is crucial in regards to ones identity in the sense that culture is who we are. By knowing ourselves we can maintain our identity while also sharing it. Both authors had a calling to share their experiences for others to understand and possibly benefit so that their losses would not be in vain. There is a duty in cultural literacy in the awareness and maintenance of our culture and cultures of those around us so that we may continue to grow and preserve our cultures while respecting the rights of others to do the same.
In his essay, “An Indian Father’s Plea”, Robert Lake argues that it is important to be mindful of cultural differences in order to prevent children and others from being “torn between two distinct cultural systems.” Lake opposes that his son Wind-Wolf is a complex and rich five year old and not a “slow learner” as the teacher believes him to be. Lake explains that both Western and Indian culture have something to offer and not to dismiss the value of what his son has to share. Lake is concerned in how teachers conduct themselves in class in regards to cultural difference as his five year old son is required by law to attend school. Lake is distraught by the lack of guidance regarding cultural differences…

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