An Increase Of Homelessness Among Lgbt Youth Essay

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Evolution of Problem These days’ teens are coming out as LGBT in their early teens, as early as thirteen years of age. 1.6 million youth are homeless each year with 40% of them identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. These numbers are disproportionally high because 7% of the youth population in the United States is LGBT (“True Colors,” 2016). Each year $4.2 billion is spent on homeless assistance programs with less than 5% of this funding, $195 million, allocated for homeless children and youth. Out of that $195 million, there are currently no federal programs specifically designed to meet the needs of LGBT homeless youth, no federal protection for these individuals, and there are only a few state laws in place to keep these youths from being discriminated against while accessing federally funded homelessness services (“Gay and Transgender,” 2010).
Definition of Problem There are many reasons as to why there is an increase of homelessness among LGBT youth. Family conflict is one of the most common causes of all youth homelessness, and in this case the conflict tends to be over the individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation. One in four of LGBT youth are thrown out of their homes and about half get a negative reaction from their parents after coming out (“True Colors,” 2016). Also these youth oftentimes face discrimination when seeking alternative housing. LGBT youth are a very vulnerable population. They are at greater risk for unsafe sex…

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