An Inconvenient Truth By Davis Guggenheim Essay

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The 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, directed by Davis Guggenheim and starring former Vice-President Al Gore, is trying to make the public aware of global warming. Al Gore wants to let people know global warming is real, and is trying to persuade the world to do something about global warming. To persuade the world, Gore uses three rhetorical strategies: pathos (the use of emotions), logos (the use of facts), and ethos (the use of speaker 's authority and honesty). By using these three rhetorical strategies from Aristotle, Gore wants to persuade the world to something about global warming and save the Earth.

One strategy Gore uses is pathos. In the beginning of the documentary, he uses humor to be more involved with the audience. Gore shows the audience a video from the makers of The Simpsons to explain global warming. In the video, a girl is eating an ice cream, but as soon as she walks outside it melts. A guy then explains to her why it happened and what causes global warming. Later, Gore talks about his son 's accident. He was only six years old when a car ran him over. Gore 's son had machines breathing for him, until he took a breath on his own and stayed a month in the hospital for recovery. The accident changed Gore 's view of life. He also talked about his older sister, Nancy. The Gore family who made their living-hood on tobacco farming. Starting in 1964, the evidence that smoking tobacco caused cancer ware laid out. Nancy

started smoking tobacco when…

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