Essay about An Incident That Took Place At My Field Site

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Rough FIP Draft 3- 2
My case study situation is about an incident that took place at my Field Site, the Evanston Vineyard Church, which is a non-denominational church. The incident took place almost last year at my Field Site when my close friend and class mate from the seminary asked me to give a ride to a male church attendee from church to his home. For the sake of respect, I will use the titles, BC for my friend, FL for the church attendee and PI for myself, signifying my role as a Pastoral Intern. BC seemed to be unaware of the fact that her request is more of an obligation than a question and that the situation was critical for me to deal with, pastorally, socially, theologically, personally and ethically/culturally. This section will explicate more on the above used terms “pastorally, socially, theologically, personally, and ethically/culturally” involving the biblical and theological themes. Under these headings, I will say more about privacy, fear, decision making, and distinction of power relationship between a mentor and a mentee. Primarily, my first level of approaching the situation was pastoral. I was mindful of my behavior of speaking, deciding and dealing with the situation. Since according to the situation, FL did not share much conversation with me, except for a brief introduction, I was careful to walk boldly using my pastoral authority and stature, and not retrieving my steps using a tip toe standard. My concern was to be polite but dealing with…

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