An Incident That Changed Me Essay

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How Elevate Changed Me Honestly, I have always wanted to be more social. No matter how much people tell me I am already so “outgoing” and “so social” and stuff like that, I do not really feel that way. An incident that changed me was the time that I started going to Elevate. Elevate is an every week event for youth students. Elevate takes place at my church, Milestone. Milestone is an old tan building with gray roofing. Surrounding Milestone, there are green leafy plants with a rainbow of flowers. That evening, I was no my way to my first night of Elevate. It was a hot summer evening. I was sitting in the car with the nice cool air conditioning in my face, and an ice cold Orange Fanta in my hand. During the drive there, I could …show more content…
The she rolle her eyes and turned around. I walked away thinking, “that was a little rude”.
Then I walked over to the middle school boys, but they were to busy to even notice me.”Whatever.” I thought. “ I do not even care if I have a friend who is a boy, or not.”
I walked away and sat down in one of the many big, black, leather chairs. I thought to myself, “No one even cares if I come here or not.”
Then, I was sitting there all by myself on a tiny island. I sat there staring over the horizon at the sun set. The sun was setting over a sea of pink and orange, just like I saw on the car ride here, it made me think about how excited I was during the drive, and how I wanted to make new friends and meet new people. I looked up and saw a girl, she looked to be in middle school and she was about my height. I decided to get my lazy self up and out of the chair and say hi.
“Um,hi,” I said. “Really Haille, really.You can do better than just saying um hi,” I thought to myself, then I looked up and smiled an awkward smile.
“Hi, I’m Ester. You must be new,” She said with a smile.”What’s your name?”
“My name is Haille,” I said. “And yeah, I am new here. It’s my first time. Is it your first time too?” I

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