An Incessant Failures Essay example

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Neill Carlton has spent his life in the perpetual idea of getting dumped. But because of his one childish act, he was sent in a military school by his father and met enigmatic Audrey Griffith who stole his not-so-experienced heart and become a mystery. And after eight years of looking for her, Neill met the lovely Aimee Griffith who has the exact replica of Audrey and sure an enigma too. Urged down by their similar appearances, Neill was bound to discover the truth behind their mysteries… Introduction: Well, first of all, it's hard to narrate a story especially when a tragic music is stuck in your ears and the song tells about a girl wanting her guy back in
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Part one: The Childhood Chaos
The thing about getting dumped by a thousands of girls is it becomes a routine. At first, yes it hurts, but after suffering from the abundance of rejection, you'll get use to the pain, although sometimes I'm really not that affected. And when we talked about dumping, I remember this one girl I invited in a so called Junior-Senior Prom, which I admit that I really don't like to attend, but because of the incessant angry voice of my best friend, Cam Taylor, that I should come, I was urged. So the girl's name is Jelou Teng. Funny how her name sounds, but she's a Chinese, so it's not a big deal. I remembered asking her infront of her locker after our English Literature class and she doesn't really like asking why.

Me: HI, you're Jelou Teng, right?

Jelou: Yeah, why?

Me: Uhm.. Can I ask you to escort me this upcoming Prom?

Jelou: Why?

Me: Because there's no one I can ask to and you're the only one I think that is not being asked.

Jelou: I barely even know you.

Me: Yeah me too.

Jelou: So why me?

And that shut me up. And also because she said that she won't be attending the Prom all because of their Chinese New Year celebration which was on the tenth of February but as far as I can remember, the Prom is on twelfth of February, so I guess their advanced.


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