Essay on An Improvement Or A Big Mistake Made?

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An Improvement or a Big Mistake Made?
Many people throughout the United States have gone back and forth with the idea that the Constitution was a stupid idea that was created into what the people follow and go by. Many say that even though it all sounds good and glory it is not. They say that the Constitution only has what everyone wants to hear not what they want and need. Well for those who say the Constitution was the biggest mistake that was ever made are wrong in so many ways. The Constitution has many things the Articles of Confederation didn’t have. Yes the Articles was the 1st American form of government but despite that fact, the government was weak and ineffective. The Articles gave way to much freedom to the states and when they did not follow them there was not much punishment or consequence made. The congress did not have much power at all under these Articles so nothing was ever done or ready. The Constitution was created and brought up at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787, when the Congress realized that the Articles of Confederation was not stable and did not keep the people in order. A perfect example of this would be the Shay’s Rebellion in 1786-87 which happened to prove that the government was weak, in no control whatsoever, and because the court was repossessing debt ridden lands held by poor veteran farmers. The rebellion also served as the focal point for those who already knew that the Articles was no good. The Congress knew it was time for a…

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