An Imposition Of Values By Mary Ann Essay

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The case study I selected was Case 20 “An Imposition of Values?” A 19 year old college student named Mary Ann who seeks counseling services at her college counseling services at the school she attends. Mary Ann feels depression and know she can perform better in school on her assignments. She speaks about her religious beliefs as an Evangelical Christian, she sins and aspires to be a better person. She comes from a strict religious family. Her grades are low, she sleeps 10 to 12 hours per night, feels sad and has issues motivating herself. She is battling with her in internal self with being a religious person vs. a sinner. Her faith is her substance but she wants to be non-existence. She informed the counselor that she battling with severe feeling about being raped by a childhood friend as a teenager and had an abortion. Since the bible states that her sins are in depth, she feels as if she’s a murder and fears the thought of others finding out her sexual status. Mary Ann battles with her past experiences in coalition to her faith. Her counselor Marcus believes that her religious belief is the cause of her depression and provided Bible interpretations. Mary Ann reports him to his supervisor Dr. Peters (Herlihy & Corey, 2015) Two ethical violations Two ethical violations of professional misconduct presented in the case study is the welfare of the client and avoid harming the client. According to the ACA Code of Ethic, Standard A.1.a., states that "the…

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